Music Instruction and Coaching 

It's never too late to fulfill a dream of enjoying the experience of making music. Contact me if you'd like to:

• brush up on your classical piano skills,

• practice singing with a versatile accompanist who can help you learn how to perform your songs more effectively, 

• get some one-on-one help with overcoming your own personal musical hurdles,

• figure out how to improvise your favorite pop or worship songs on the piano,

• learn how to effectively perform as a vocalist with other musicians,


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Piano and Composition Instruction and Coaching 

I teach adults and college students of all levels, and motivated teenagers by audition. I am available at an hourly rate for: - teaching piano (see philosophy below) - teaching composition - coaching and accompanying singers - consultation on various projects such as CDs. 

My philosophy of teaching grew out of my personal experience. I grew up studying classical piano, but I always wanted to play pop music and jazz, so I got a degree in music composition and theory, and found I could apply the theory I…

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