CANCELLED: Siren Salon

Siren Salon (Private venue), Portland, OR

Are you a singer who wishes there was a "safer" space than the traditional jam sessions and workshops to try out your voice and material? Or have you had a long break from singing and just want a gentler way to get back into performing in public? Maybe you've sung at a few jams and been baffled at how to work with an accompanist, or at all those unspoken "jazz rules" that the instrumentalists all seem to know that no one bothered to tell you about? Or have you always wanted to get on a stage and sing, or but have been scared spit-less to stand up in front of an audience?

Siren Salon is an informal gathering of vocalists who get together to try out their voices and songs in a warm, supportive environment. Each singer will get to sing two songs, with Craig accompanying on piano. With the first song, the community (facilitated by jazz vocalist and teacher, Paula Byrne) will offer constructive comments, suggestion and encouragement to each singer who would like to receive it. Heck there's even candlelight and champagne involved!

Interested? Call or text (503) 804-7660‬ for more information, and to reserve your spot! $20 for singers; $10 for auditors (people who are curious, but just want to listen and soak it all in).