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Music Instruction and Coaching


It's never too late to fulfill a dream of enjoying the experience of making music. Contact me if you'd like to: 

• brush up on your classical piano skills,

• practice singing with a versatile accompanist who can help you learn how to perform your songs more effectively, 

• get some one-on-one help with overcoming your own personal musical hurdles,

• figure out how to improvise your favorite pop or worship songs on the piano,

• learn how to effectively perform as a vocalist with other musicians, 

• answer those music theory questions that have been bugging you for years, 

• learn how to write your own songs, or

• find out how to do your own chord charts on your iPad, Mac, iPhone or Android phone (and transpose them into any key you’d like).

Just click the "Contact" link to your left to get a hold of me, and let's get you set up to further your musical dreams!  

Piano and Composition Instruction and Coaching


I teach adults and college students of all levels, and motivated teenagers by audition. I am available at an hourly rate for: - teaching piano (see philosophy below) - teaching composition - coaching and accompanying singers - consultation on various projects such as CDs. 

My philosophy of teaching grew out of my personal experience. I grew up studying classical piano, but I always wanted to play pop music and jazz, so I got a degree in music composition and theory, and found I could apply the theory I learned to playing rock, blues, jazz and other styles.

So I believe that a student should be able to learn the sort of music they have the desire to play. At the same time, I know they will benefit from certain traditional techniques. I always ask students what it is they would like to do with their music in the future. Then I put together a program for them considering their goals.

Unlike many traditional piano methods which require you to go through method books, memorize pieces and do recitals, my approach is more tailored to the individual. I believe that music theory is the answer to the “why” and “how” questions of music. I like to teach music to people by answering those questions. I feel that when my students ask questions and I take the time to answer, I am a better teacher for it.

My ideal student is someone who is a good listener, an adult or college age student who not only has determined that they are going to pursue a goal to learn something about music, and have also decided to take the time to practice.

Contact me for hourly and monthly rates.


  • January 18, 2020
    (Private event), Salem, OR
  • January 18, 2020
    Jazzy Bagels, Gresham, OR
  • January 21, 2020
    Siren Salon, Portland, OR
  • January 24, 2020
    Tony Starlight Showroom, Portland, OR
  • January 25, 2020
    Jazzy Bagels, Gresham, OR

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